Payment Rewards Optimizer (PRO) Guide

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Not surprisingly, most people do not consider the monetary benefits they can realize from making payments. And, even if they do consider it, very few actually figure out if they are maximizing their return on payments. Why not?  Many feel it is a time-consuming exercise with limited return.

It doesn’t have to be, if you have the right information and guidance. To assist you in realizing these benefits, I created the Payment Rewards Optimizer (PRO) guide. With the PRO guide you can generate extra money by using cash back credit card accounts optimized for spend categories.

Look at these actual results (see chart): Using the PRO guide, I increased my cash  rewards 232% with the same level of overall spending by optimizing my payment methods.  These changes have already produced $363 in new cash rewards over the last 3 months, and are projected to generate an additional $1,156 in cash rewards in a year’s time.

What could you do with an extra $1,000?

Using the PRO guide will ensure that you find and squeeze every dollar of potential reward out of your spend, with the least amount of time and effort.  I’m offering the PRO guide for only $8.99, with 20% of sales proceeds used to fund the financial literacy education scholarship.

With the PRO guide you get:

  • Worksheets to help you identify and target spend categories for conversion, with 36 different categories analyzed for optimization.
  • A model to determine the overall financial performance of optimizing your payment methods.
  • Detailed instructions on how to implement this program:  Including how to maximize your return in key spend categories using different card accounts, and avoid potential pitfalls.
  • Average category spending of US consumers at different income levels for comparison purposes.
  • Guide updates and new insights to help you continue to optimize your payments at no additional cost, delivered directly to you via email. 

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Note:  The return on investment and payback period realized are dependent on spend conversion amounts, timing, and cash back rates of card programs utilized.

 *The PRO Guide is copyrighted material of Bard Downs, LLC.  Please do not redistribute or attempt to commercialize in any form.  Thank you.